We are sad to announce that DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE will be suspending its services.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our players for their support.

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The Game

In 2026, a seismic natural disaster known as the Earth’s Rage sent the world into upheaval. Now, several hundred years later...
The inhumanely violent survival reality show Death Jamboree was born to satiate the devastated human heart.
Will you be the last one standing? The star who thrills the crowd and wins wealth and glory beyond compare? Now is your time to shine!


  • Bryan Zemeckis
    The head honcho of DEATH JAMBOREE.
    A charismatic figure who is in charge of everything from production to planning, and also serves as master of ceremonies.
    Word has it he assumed the role of host by the direct order of a certain individual.
    The truth behind the matter remains shrouded in secrecy.
    The co-host of DEATH JAMBOREE.
    Her true name is Brenda Miller. A legendary contestant who assumed her current role after retiring from competition.
    Tough and reliable, she’s a veteran presence who supports contestants with a cheerful, positive attitude.
    However, it is rumored that she has a secret that she has never revealed to anyone.
  • UNCLE D2
    An artificially intelligent Wilson Unit that serves as a supporting host on DEATH JAMBOREE.
    “Uncle” is responsible for conducting tutorials and training, informing contestants of their progress, and so forth.
    His robotic voice always encourages contestants to reach their full potential, but his true objectives are shrouded in mystery.
    Is he truly just serving a supporting role, or is there more to him...?
    A humanoid robot who mysteriously shows up
    in the rooms of DEATH JAMBOREE contestants. He is an expert at all sorts of crafting, from forging weapons
    to creating various types of outfits and skins.
    While his crafting skills cannot be denied, his personality leaves many questions to be answered...


The highlight of DEATH JAMBOREE are vicious melee battles fought at close range with specialized weapons.
Collect a wide variety of skins, and upgrade the appearance of your weapons and costumes to fight in style!


DEATH JAMBOREE battles take place on Bonuriki, an uninhabited island that has grown increasingly contaminated by SPLithium.
On the island are multiple abandoned facilities and ruined structures, and various types of terrain.
Knowing and taking advantage of your environment is a key step toward victory!