Being well prepared for surprise attacks is the key to victory in this area. The structure at the center of the battlefield has many doors, and is conducive to surprise encounters. This area was designed to recreate the solemn atmosphere of abandoned ruins. but the budget ran out halfway through, leading to many corners being cut. The ornamental planet rising in the sky cuts an impressive figure.


    Dangerous Dives are especially effective in this area due to the presence of significant elevation differences. The “Four Giants” are said to have been constructed to deter contestants who would fight too defensively. No matter where you are on the battlefield, you get the curious sensation that someone is watching you.


    Brush and vegetation has grown rampant over the years, making it easy to hide from your foes. It is said that this structure is the former Yotsuyama Technology Development Center, the first to succeed in refining high-concentration SPLithium, relocated as-is from its original site. Both cryptids and Wilson units owe their very existence to this research center.


    The scaffolding in this area is quite thin, so you’ll want to take extra care not to fall into the Red Sea below. Countless trees that were planted and left to grow unchecked cling to the containers, obstructing your view. A rotting stench exudes from the dangling roots, sapping the energy of those who stand in place for too long.


    An area with alternating outdoor areas with good visibility and indoor areas with numerous obstructions that lend themselves to ambush attacks. This battlefield was created by relocating the former building of YBC (Yotsuyama Broadcasting), producers and distributors of DEATH JAMBOREE. The steel frames with countless slash marks speaks to the sheer intensity of the battles conducted here.


    The lower layer, which consists of regular passages, and the upper layer, which has many buildings, are connected in numerous places, allowing you to get the jump on your enemy by moving skillfully. The blood, sweat, and tears of the workers can be felt in this abandoned factory relocated from the old world.


    Extremely narrow walking spaces mean that shoving your enemy can be an effective strategy in this battlefield. Modeled after one of the precious metal mining complexes of Mars Corp, the resource and energy company in charge of developing the Red Planet. It’s affectionately known as “the basket” because of the huge open area in the center.


    With wide-open views, this battlefield is one where you’ll want to keep watch on all sides when you move around. The giant grasshopper statue buried in the dunes was apparently built as a warning against locust plagues caused by weather-manipulated agriculture, which were frequent a few centuries ago.


    An area containing many barriers and obstacles. Wilson Scans are an effective tool for hunting down your opponents. The stone walls look like real limestone caverns, but are actually replicas made from cheap resin that exudes a pungent odor.


    An area that lends itself well to surprise attacks, with a building containing many shocking floors and corridors. The central tower rises high above the bare earth, as if to symbolize the pain and despair of the miners who were forced to perform grueling labor.


    A battlefield with abundant bushes and trees, making looking down from hills is effective for grasping the battle situation and identifying foes. Many contestants can be seen taking a deep breath amidst the lush vegetation, but this is not recommended due to the SPLithium-contaminated water pouring down from the mighty waterfall.


    An area prone to sudden skirmishes due to its undulating terrain and numerous places to take cover. It was once home to a national research institute constructed to research the unique ecosystem created by a meteor crash. It tragically closed after just a few short years in the wake of a series of poisoning deaths caused by an invasive species of toxic fly. The structure that once housed the research institute has been reused, lending the area a gloomy atmosphere.


    This area allows for quick and efficient vertical maneuvers through the use of its uneven terrain. But watch out! The floors heat to superhot temperatures at regular intervals. Living here was once considered a status symbol. However, now that the people and the building have both grown decrepit, it’s colloquially known as the “Hellfire Complex”. Only the scorching floor, installed as a security measure, retains any of the structure’s former glory in its dangerous glow.


    Mechanized walls spring to life regularly–like clockwork–to dynamically rearrange the pathways in this area. A high-voltage electrical current runs through the walls, mercilessly inflicting tremendous pain on anyone who touches them. Remodeled based on a medieval fortress, the building is tastefully decorated with eye-catching ornaments.