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    A berserker princess who lays waste to all in her wake in pure ecstasy.
    Hunter Q enjoys nothing more than beating contestants into a breathless, bloody pulp.
    Once she finds you, you’re as good as dead.
    If you’re targeted by Hunter Q, you have no choice but to try to run away and hide from her sight.

  • hunterG


    A master sniper who specializes in assassination.
    Any prey that unwittingly steps into one of Hunter G’s traps is slowly cornered then finished off with a single, deadly shot.
    Come into contact with one of the traps that have been set, and you’ll be targeted.
    Once targeted, you can throw Hunter G off your trail by attacking other players. Any player you successfully hit will become the hunter’s new target.

  • hunterM


    A curious lifeform that floats ominously about the battlefield.
    Hunter M any player it comes in contact with, imbuing them with great physical attacking power.
    If you find Hunter M floating in the air, try to shoot it down.
    Kill another player within the time limit and you’ll return to normal, but fail and it will mean your doom.