A cryptid that resembles a rabbit with horns.
    Although not violent by nature, they enjoy confusing players by mimicking human voices.


    A wolf-like cryptid with a long tongue and a body covered in large spikes.
    If it finds you, it will give chase and attack viciously.


    A cryptid that floats ominously through the air on its numerous wings.
    It is typically near-transparent and difficult to see, but if it spies a target, it will appear and attack.


    A snake-like cryptid that resembles the same-named creature from Japanese folklore.
    If it notices the player, it lets out an alarming cry, alerting your opponents to your presence.
    It has a body shield that it deploys when it feels threatened.

  • YETI

    A cryptid resembling a giant with a massive body covered in white hair.
    It hurls boulders and tackles players in a show of sheer destructive power.
    It primarily inhabits more spacious areas compared to other cryptids.