• TYPE 1, TYPE 2
  • TYPE 3
TYPE 1, TYPE 2 Operation
L1 ButtonWilson
L2 ButtonShield
Down ButtonEmotes
Left StickMovements
L3 ButtonRun
L3 ButtonCrouch
R3 ButtonCamera Reset
× ButtonJump/Wall Jump
○ ButtonDodge
□ ButtonInteract
△ ButtonWilson Scan
Options ButtonSub-Menu
R1 ButtonNormal Attack
R2 ButtonSpecial Attack
Touchpad ButtonStatus Screen
L1 Button + □ ButtonMain Skill
L1 Button + △ ButtonSub-Skills
L1 Button + R1 ButtonDeathblow
TYPE 3 Operation
D-Pad DownEmotes
Left StickMovements
Left Stick (Long Press)Run
Left Stick (Long Press)Crouch
Right Stick (Long Press)Camera Reset
A ButtonJump/Wall Jump
B ButtonDodge
X ButtonInteract
Y ButtonWilson Scan
Menu ButtonSub-Menu
RBNormal Attack
RTSpecial Attack
View ButtonStatus Screen
LB + X buttonMain Skill
LB + Y buttonSub-Skills
LB + RBDeathblow
KEYBOARD Operation
RCamera Reset
SPACEJump/Wall Jump
FWilson Scan
Left ClickNormal Attack
Right ClickSpecial Attack
NStatus Screen
2Main Skill


A survival action match for sixteen players!

You are invited to be a contestant on Death Jamboree, a violent survival reality show broadcast in the virtual space known as the Deathverse!
Fight for your life and survive until you’re the last one standing in a survival action match with up to 16 people!

A split-second decision can make or break an intense close-quarters battle!

Engage in fierce combat with a variety of melee weapons!
Read your opponents attacks and defenses, and take advantage of openings!

The excitement of the match will reach its peak in the Showdown Zone!

Toward the end of each program, the "Showdown Zone"—the stage for the final battle—is opened.
The final battle for survival will take place in a closed-off area.


Escape from the merciless attacks of the hunters!

A short time after the start of the match, “hunters” will join the fray.
If you find yourself targeted, you’ll want to focus on running away.

Acquire killing brands!

Item called "killing brands" appear wherever a contestant has been defeated by a hunter.
Picking up these brands is a chance to acquire massive GP!


Tactics that take advantage of the terrain

Each battle is held on a stage created by combining multiple areas.
Various battlefields, such as areas with high and low ground, and areas with floors that give participants an electric shock, appear in different arrangements with every match.
Use the terrain to your advantage and get the jump on your rivals!

Contaminated Areas

As time goes by, area will become contaminated, shrinking the battlefield and intensifying the battle.
Linger too long in a contaminated area, and your voltage will be depleted.


Effective use of items is the key to victory.
Items are dropped by enemies, and will also appear when you break rotting boxes.

  • Mushrooms
    Eating mushrooms will increase both your GP and your voltage.
    You may also gain certain special effects depending on the type of mushroom eaten.
  • Sub-Skills
    Sub-skills will offer you the ability to become invisible, to send out decoys, and more.
    Pick up sub-skills dropped across the battle field, master them, and fight to the best of your ability!
  • Power Pods
    To use weapon-specific main skills, you’ll have to charge them using power pods.
    If you come across one, be sure to access it!
  • Materials
    Materials used for crafting can be scattered across the stage, or inside breakable boxes.
    If you see something suspicious, scan it with your Wilson to check it out in detail!


Bizarre monsters known as cryptids also inhabit each battlefield.
They are tricky and imposing foes, attacking participants, imitating human voices, and so on.
But if you work up the courage and defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with GP!

GP (Good Points)

Beat up your foes with flashy moves, and you’ll thrill the audience, earning GP (Good Points) in the process.
Gaining GP will increase your voltage and attack power, giving you a further advantage in battle.