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Duración del evento
2022/10/07 12:00 (JST)
06/10/2022, 8:00pm(PDT)
07 Oct. 2022, 04:00 (BST)
07 Oct. 2022, 13:00 (AEST)
07. Okt. 2022, 05:00 (CEST)
07 Oct. 2022, 05:00 (CEST)
07 Oct. 2022, 05:00 (CEST)
07 Ott. 2022, 05:00 (CEST)
2022/10/07 11:00 (HKT)
2022/10/07 11:00 (HKT)
2022/10/07 12:00 (KST)






Due to an on-going issue of the server, players may find difficulty logging in and playing the game.
We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to all of our excited players.

Resolving and stabilizing the server may take additional time; however, our team is currently working with the upmost effort to resolving this issue.

We would like to inform players in advance that the server may become unstable even after the emergency maintenance is completed. Once all issues are resolved and the server is stabilized, we will update everyone as soon as possible.

Please note that items and Season Pass that were purchased can be used as was before, despite the current on-going issue with the server. We will also compensate for Season Passes and will provide more information at a later time.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to all our players, and hope you stay tuned for additional updates.

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