Held every hour from :55 to :00!
An exciting collaboration between Twitch and DEATHVERSE!
Specially selected matches will be streamed to a worldwide audience!


Every hour at 55 minutes past the hour, one random match from among all ranked matches will be selected as a Special Game.
The selected match will be streamed to the world in real-time via Twitch!


Before the match begins, viewers will be able to predict the winner and vote from the streaming page.
Review the weapons and skins equipped by the contestants, check past match statistics and recent performance data, and choose wisely!

* In order to vote, you must first open the DEATHVERSE Extension using the Uncle-D2 icon on the right of the screen, then agree to use the extension.


Viewers can earn T-Chips by correctly predicting the top players, with the amount received decided by their rankings. The number of T-Chips awarded to Special Match participants is determined by their GP.
*T-Chips earned by viewers will be reflected in the game by linking your Twitch and DEATHVERSE accounts.

Exchange T-Chips for items in the in-game shop

The T-Chips you earn can be exchanged for various items at the in-game shop.
Get yourself exclusive skins that can’t be obtained anywhere else!
Earn special rewards with Twitch Drops!
Tune into Twitch Drops participating channels for a certain time, and you’ll be eligible for special rewards!